All of the testimonials given below have been volunteered by patients of Echo Ridge Dental Clinic.



Echo Ridge Dental - they are ALL AMAZING ! This is the first place I have NOT been scared to go. They have a WONDERFUL bedside manner. They understand people have had bad experiences at Dental offices. They are VERY compassionate. Love Megan- she cleans my teeth. Megan is Very good at her job, professional, so sweet, gentle and always has a smile. Wonderful asset to Echo Ridge. Love Dr Scott and Dr Ray. Very good at what they do also. The front desk- Ashley, Nikki and Sandy- they have a smile for everyone! They are wonderful! They do a very good job at representing Echo Ridge Dental. So thankful I found them!

Korina T.

"Having implants done is well worth it...For the long range it is the way to go. There are no root canals to deal with."

"If you are considering having dental implants, I would say go for it. It is not painful what so ever. I wish all my teeth felt this good!"

"Dr. Schneider gave me a shot and I didn't even feel it. The same when the tooth was extracted."

Willard Much

"Relaxing. My dental procedure was relaxing since I'm so anxiety about dentists. Dr. Scott was very nice and his assistant too."

Celene E.

Excellent Service!

Dr. Scott and his assistant Amy replaced the fillings in my front teeth. The shade matches beautifully. They are both exceptionally professional and courteous. I definitely recommend Echo Ridge Dental!

Mary W.

I am very happy with the results.

The implant feels and looks like all the other teeth in my mouth. I was able to eat/chew on it immediately. I was missing a tooth for a long time. There was immediately a noticeable positive difference when eating.

[After having the implant,] I feel like I have permanently fixed a big problem.

I felt the professionals at Echo Ridge were knowledgeable and worked carefully. They were willing to answer questions at any time. I never felt rushed nor did I ever feel like they were in a rush.

Shelly Torbenson

If a friend were afraid of having a dental implant, I would tell them that I used to be afraid of dental procedures because of bad experiences with other dentists in the past. However, the implant surgery is nothing to fear. In fact, I was surprised that the surgery is actually a relatively painless procedure. The worst part of the whole thing was the shot of anesthesia!

If asked about Echo Ridge Dental Clinic, I would say that I am always impressed by the quality of care I receive there. Because I moved around so much after college, I had a variety of dentists. The staff at Echo Ridge is one of the best around. They are caring, patient, and willing to answer questions from basic to detailed. They take the time to go above and beyond customer expectations. Couple that with the comfortable setting, fireplace, and homey rooms and suddenly the dentist visit is a peaceful situation. Dr. Schneider is an experienced, conscientious dentist who wants the best for his patients. I feel confident that I am getting the best dental care available.

Vicki Quinn

"Having implant surgery has affected me in a couple of ways. It has restored my overall health, I've lost about 20 lbs. My heart no longer palpitates and I smile a lot more than ever before."

"Dental implant surgery is a painless procedure...and is worth it if you want to feel good about yourself and your smile...implants can restore your ability to chew and also enhance your appearance and smile."

"The Staff a Echo Ridge Dental Clinic are very knowledgeable. They give you a complete explanation of your condition and different options for your care. They are personable and have great concern for their patients."

Tom Lardinois

If a friend were afraid of having cosmetic dentistry done, I would say there is nothing to it. I did not have any problems with the process, everything went very smoothly. The pain was minimal, and all staff members were absolutely wonderful about any questions I ever had.

If someone asked if it was worth it to have cosmetic dentistry done, I would tell them definitely yes. If you have the money, or can fit it in your budget it is worth it. I love to smile now and show off my teeth. In the past I never showed my teeth when I smiled. I work at a resort in Guest Services, and guests always compliment me on what beautiful teeth I have, which makes me feel great.

If a friend asked me about Echo Ridge Dental Clinic, I would tell them that the care I received there was outstanding. Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly, and went out of their way to make you feel welcome. The staff really seemed to take pride in their work, and were up to date on new trends and technology. I have never been to any business where I have been treated better than I was at Echo Ridge, and I will definitely recommend them in the future.

Misty Aipperspach

If someone asked me about getting a dental implant I would strongly encourage them to pursue their desire. Have the procedure.

If a friend were afraid of having a dental implant I would say that I, too, had misgivings and sought professional advice. I am truly happy that I made the decision to proceed with the procedure.

In regards to Echo Ridge Dental Clinic, I have been so very impressed with the professionalism, competence, friendliness, and caring of the entire staff. They have always answered my every fear and misgiving. I can only say a heartfelt thanks to all of them.

Joyce Snell

Dental implants can change your appearance and give you a nice smile as well as comfort in eating certain foods.

Having dental implants can totally enhance ones smile and confidence.

If a friend were thinking about having an implant, I would encourage them to do it right away.

My dental implant has given me more confidence in my smile.

Dr. Schneider was great in explaining the whole procedure throughly before treatment which made it easier to go ahead and have it done. All the staff were very pleasant and fun!

Marcella Krause

"When I had [my implant] done it did not hurt at all! After the procedure it was tender of course, but relatively painless. I was very pleased! They said it is nothing to lose sleep over and it wasn't."

" [Having an implant done] is worth it because in the end you will be very satisfied. The doctor makes sure everything is all right. Especially the right color."

Ashley Krohn

If a friend were afraid of having a dental implant, I would tell them that I felt exactly the same way when I found out that I was missing two of my permanent teeth and would have to choose a method of replacement. Essentially having a peg screwed into my bone scared me...a lot. But, after about three years of contemplating my options, I decided that dental implants would produce the best lifetime result. Unlike bridges, they do not damage any surrounding teeth and will not break off. Throughout the process, the only thing that hurt was the initial shots to numb the area. After that, I could feel nothing. I did not even need to be put under general anesthesia, but that is also an option for those who want it.

In regards to Echo Ridge Dental Clinic, my grandparents received their dental implants from Dr. Raymond Schneider II, and I received mine from Dr. Raymond Schneider III. I would just like to express my grattitude to both in bettering the lives of my grandparents and myself. Thank you very much.

Heather Geraldson

The procedure was painless.

I felt the care was excellent. Truly quality work. I felt options and costs were discussed honestly and thoughly.

I really love my smile, I am very happy.

Amanda Buening

"[If you are thinking about getting dental implants,]it's a great idea! [You] will be so happy with the results."

"[Having implants done] is worth any amount of money--the end results are worth it. I smile more and feel confident enough to smile. I can now eat anything!"

Judy Lundin

If someone asked me about getting a dental implant I would tell them that I would strongly recommend dental implants. I am satisfied with my implants for many reasons. Implants have boosted my confidence level. Eating is enjoyable again, because I am now able to chew with comfort and ease. It is the next best thing to having my own teeth.

If a friend were afriad of having a dental implant, I would tell them that the end result is well worth the minor discomfort. The procedure is done in the dentist office. I was sedated and the procedure was painless. It was not even necessary to take anything but over the counter pain medicine. Each day after the procedure I noticed improvement. Within three weeks I did not have any discomfort.

If asked about my experience with Echo Ridge Dental Clinic, I would say that I was very impressed with the staff. They offer professional services in a warm and friendly environment. My dentist (Dr. Raymond Schneider III) made me feel like we were childhood friends.

Celalettin Basoral

If a friend were afraid of having a dental implant, I would tell them not to be afraid, it is worth it. The people at this clinic are so friendly and nice, there is nothing to be afraid of. I used to get panic attacks at the dentist and went to several different ones. No more--they are stuck with me now!

If someone were having difficulty chewing foods due to missing teeth, I would tell them that I can now eat anything--comfortably!

In regards to my experience at Echo Ridge Dental Clinic, the dentist and all the girls are very friendly and very professional. They know what they are doing.

If someone asked if it was worth it to have a dental implant, I would tell them I could hardly eat with my temporary plates and my gums hurt so bad until I got my new implant dentures. They are so comfortable and I would never go back to the old fashioned plates and that yucky stuff to hold them in place.

Elsie Mullen

It was the best thing I ever did to restore my bit and jaw alignment! Cosmetic dentistry is not a difficult process and I have had NO problems with them in the years I have had them. I would definitely recommend a friend to have cosmetic dentistry done...it restored all of these abilities back to normal. It was worth it because it is like having your own teeth.

I would tell a friend to see Dr. Schneider. He is the best, not only technically, but he really cares about helping people and very seamless in terms of care. As his father was, Ray III is a "chip off the old block". They just treat you like they are your own original teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry definitely improved all of my practical issues such as chewing. Also it made me feel better about my smile.

Excellent, caring and a life time relationship; I have been with Dr. Ray Schneider II and now Dr. Ray Schneider III for a decade and travel a distance to see him. I would not think of going anywhere else.

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